Class A Cleaners

We are the new London party cleaning service, and we're here to make sure London's party hosts do not have their lives made miserable by the one thing that follows a party as surely as day follows night: mess.

Our party cleaning service was created because years of experience in the cleaning business have taught us that parties create a uniquely large and difficult-to-deal-with amount of rubbish, stains and spills. Having built up a highly successful general cleaning service, we decided that parties need their own special, elite cleaning teams to handle the mess, armed with the latest cleaning technology and more cleaning expertise than you can fill a mop bucket with.

So Class A Cleaning, our London party cleaning service, was born. And so far we have come to the rescue of countless exasperated party hosts, saving them from literally tons of empty beer cans, hundreds of red-wine stains and thousands of dirty plates and dishes.